Tour Our Home

Tour Our Home

Please take a look at the following areas of our home and see for yourself the atmosphere of home living and the comfortable lifestyle that our residents enjoy.


A warm, open environment complete with fireplace welcomes you to Autumn Ridge. All resident travel arrangements are made by our clinical staff to make sure our residents’ needs are met.

Tv Room

Large screen television available in a comfortable living room setting. Weekly Movies and Popcorn Evenings are held in this area.


Social Room

Puzzles, audio tape books, activities and family visits are common in this large, open area adjacent to the dining room.


A comfortable, quiet area for our residents to read, play cards or simply relax in a “living room” overlooking a wooded area.

Dining Area

Country-style tables and chairs with hardwood flooring sets our dining room apart from the typical lunchroom setting. Our residents enjoy fresh, home-cooked meals on a daily basis.

Private Dining Room

An elegant dining room is available for use by our residents and their families for birthdays, private meals, special occasions or simply for a private discussion. There is no additional cost to our residents for using this room. Simply notify the Administrator of the date and time. Family members can order meals through our kitchen staff at a small additional cost.

Private Room

Fully-furnished rooms are available complete with phones and cable access(small monthly fee). Our residents are welcome to use our furniture, their own furniture or a combination of both. We encourage our residents to decorate their apartments with photos or hanging pictures to make it their home.

Semi-Private Room

Fully-furnished semi-private rooms are available. Sizable accommodations for two, these rooms provide privacy and comfortable living. Since most residents spend their time in activities and socializing, the savings versus a private room are a strong consideration. Residents are carefully reviewed to make sure that they are compatible with their roommate.

Activity Program

Our activity program is designed to both entertain and energize our residents and keep them mentally and physically active. Programs are flexible to ensure that all residents can participate at some level.


Physical, occupational and speech therapy are available every weekday for those who need have the challenge of returning to a higher level of independence. X-Rays and Blood work are conducted on-site to help our residents avoid uncomfortable transportation.